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Sun Jun 17 08:25:29 EST 2012

Hi Everyone,

This is my first (or possibly second if the other got through) message to
the list, and I'm responding to a brief discussion of the notion of flat
ontology initiated by Michael O'Rourke (hi Michael!) and Frederic Neyrat.

OOO comes in various flavors and is not necessarily flat. Mine and Graham
Harman's has two levels. Levi Bryant's and Ian Bogost's have one, but
differ in how that one level works.

Other forms of realism such as Manuel De Landa's are flat, or flatter, than

Frederic I'm a Derridean and the idea of the singularity is my idea of the
strange stranger, which is Derrida's arrivant.

Just apply this notion of arrivant to non-life and you get the OOO

You can have all the singularities you want in a non-all and by definition
non-hierarchical set, which is the OOO universe.

Yours, Tim


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