[-empyre-] uncapturing theory citations

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Fri Jun 22 05:37:52 EST 2012

Hi all
(and thanks Tim for your reply)

I don't think there is an idiom of the world.
nor do "taxonomies" define you or me or this stone or that glass, of or in [this] moment. 

i think the artist Jimmie Durham has worked rather effectively with stones, and stoning, e.g. 'Der Verführer und der Steingast' (the Libertine and the Stone Guest), and i remember him telling us
that asking questions is considered rude in American Indian culture.

so whole i quite agree that place is rather important when we work or make a living or talk about things, or relate to our environment, 
I'm not convinced, Micha, that "Are we perhaps in an anti-taxonomical time?" is a good question, nor did i get the impression
[many of] you are actually aware that your theorizing is based indeed (US) best suited to your contemporary moment [which you are
as you say]. from other places, or translated (if translatable at all), some theorizing here may look, from a long way off, like the flies you
cite or very precious, privileged and arcane.  i had wondered why no body seemed to mind here?

I might also have called it disaffecting.  Regarding affect, how was the "Pocha Nostra" workshop, what did you perform?  the " Corpo/Ilicito/ post-human society version 6.9"?
the "post-human" is another term that needs un-capturing.

Johannes Biringer

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