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Hi Everyone.

I know this thread is closed, but I wrote this for Furtherfield for Turing's birthday - contains links to Homay's work and other articles. Forgot to tell everyone on here!


many thanks


On 16 Jun 2012, at 09:07, shu lea cheang wrote:

> hi, all
> first i take a bow for much support of my work on this list.
> a quick note to say, if you need to teach BRANDON, please write to guggenheim (or me)
> to obtain the password for the website, if somehow they still have not got it back online by this fall.
> a recent interview at Rhizome about this work
> http://rhizome.org/editorial/2012/may/10/shu-lea-cheang-on-brandon/
> I have been reading all the post with great interest...but was caught between macbeth and kurosawa with Moving Forest 2012 in london. to be launched june 22 with 12 day prelude, 12 hour performance and a CODA.http://movingforest.net
> I have also invited Zach and Micha to participate in the project. (and yes, all of you can join)
> question: where/who are the queers in the insurgency?
> ah, sorry for the diversion...
> indeed, my entry here follows Zach's question,
> " how Turing's scientific and computational research could be infused with his erotic desires. "
> and  jacob and homay's research notes.
> Speaking of non-human and turing machine, check back on Blade Runner's turing test.
> "Is this testing whether i am a replicant or a lesbian? Mr. Deckard"
> Much cross references can be made here.
> My own I.K.U. movie which picks up where Blade Runner left us in the elevator,
> cast a transsexual to play Deckard in fully expressed (not repressed) xxx desire.
> UKI as I.K.U. sequel dumps defunct (machine/code) replicants admist code hackers....
> I have been very interested in the parallel development of code/body viral writing.
> do want to add on to Zach's virus book list also
> Jussi Parrika 's 'Digital Contagions"
> and Matthew Fuller's interview with JP
> http://www.spc.org/fuller/interviews/jussi-parikka-interview-on-digital-contagions/
> thanks all
> quite notes for now
> sl
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