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  On 6/29/12 5:56 AM, Christina Spiesel wrote:
> I have been enjoying episodically lurking in this fine conversation. 
> Just a quick comment -- just because old hierarchies have to be 
> abandoned (like humans not being at the apex of some evolutionary 
> pyramid) and have to learn they live in ecologies and webs of 
> relationships doesn't mean that human are unimportant. We have the 
> right to insist that our technologies serve good human purposes and 
> not just yield to technological imperatives that arise from "invisible 
> hands."
> CS
Particle Capitalism! Particle Capitalism! Burning bright In the labs of 
the night, What post-human hand or eye Could frame thy fearful 

  "It is true that one cannot patent an element found in its natural 
form; however, if you create a purified form of it that has industrial 
uses -- say, oxygen -- you can certainly secure a patent." - Lila 
Feisee, Biotechnology Industry Organization's Director for Government 
Relations and Intellectual Property (2006).

We are no longer under the sign of natural selection or even artificial 
selection---we are now under the force of particle selection. Everything 
on the planet, from indigenous aromas to public spaces to our atoms, is 
now forced to march into the World Intellectual Property Organization 
(WIPO) filters of globalization. The neo-liberal (in all its types and 
scales) matrix that started to emerge fully in the 90's has played 
itself out on three stages: digital/Virtual Capitalism, genetic/Clone 
Capitalism and nanotechnology/Particle Capitalism. Each of these stages 
of techno-capital is being integrated via a new "deep harmonization" of 
the global Intellectual Property agenda: copyright laws, trademark laws 
and patent laws. A process that starts in the research chambers and ends 
in ownership enclosures, from patenting technology to patenting life, 
from patenting information to patenting atoms and creation of Trans_patents.

Perhaps we can queer out new organism/s, new visible counter-hands, new 
anti-anti-utopian particles, alter-trans [  ] infinites, or even new (Oh 
Oh Oh) transperversal speculations. But:

Trans_Patent 6608386: Sub-nanoscale electronic devices and bacterial 

By Assignee(s) Yale University/YU (New Haven, CT)

Inventors: Reed; Mark A. (Southport, CT); Tour; James M. (Columbia, SC)

Dates: July 12, 2006 Expiration Jan 22,2089


Sometimes Lila would feel a bit itchy as she floated in her partner a 
few hours before integration-birth. Most birthing was now a 
trans_patented condition involving sub-nanoscale trading -- it was the 
only way to pay the cost of life now. So every hour during this last 
trimester Lila and her partner would ferment mass nanowire production on 
her in-vitro skin in collaboration with the Yale University Inc., 
nanoteria colonies. She could feel the oldest most sustainable microbes 
on the planet staging WIPO-2 contracts for the latest off-scale 
metal-changing particles. Hundreds upon hundreds of Yale University 
Inc., products were waiting impatiently for Lila to catch a bit of 
crying air at the edges of her partner's canal to install and run -- for 
just in time delivery. Delivery was all that mattered now.

We will be lurking for you ;-)


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