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jonCates joncates at gmail.com
Thu May 3 11:38:08 EST 2012

hi Anne + all
im looking fwd to this discussion, hearing the positions articulated &&
thinking / feeling through these topics...
speaking of which the term "PUBLIC INTERACTIVES" is new to me. Googling
around for it i found links to yr work Anne + the following dfn:

"PUBLIC INTERACTIVES - significant cultural technologies that subtly shape
the technological literacies of the future. PUBLIC INTERACTIVES are devices
that serve as the stage for interactive experiences in public settings such
as museums, theme parks, outdoor art spaces, civic plazas, and urban
streets. PUBLIC INTERACTIVES are an emergent form of public communication
designed to engage people in conversations with digital media for the
purposes of information exchange, education, entertainment, and cultural
memory. PUBLIC INTERACTIVES are an art form that evokes new experiences and
perceptions through experiments with scale, mobility, built space, and
modes of human engagement in public spaces."

Anne, is the above yr defn? is this a phrase that you have developed /
deployed to explain / position yr work ? if so, can you discuss
the necessity of the term in terms of articulating yr specific interests /

also, i found the defn on yr blog:


+ other links, so im wondering also about this in relation to yr teaching.
is this a concept that informs / structures yr teaching? is it a necessary
or useful distinction to make / teach i.e. in regards to categories /
nomenclatures / taxonomies such as New Media Art, Interactive Installation,
Public Art, Serious Games, etc?

looking fwd...

// jonCates
Associate Professor
Film, Video, New Media & Animation dept
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
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