[-empyre-] Designing Culture: The Technological Imagination at Work

Dale MacDonald dalemacd at usc.edu
Mon May 7 03:00:17 EST 2012

Lately I've been thinking about our ghost collaborators, the computer scientists and engineers and hackers who have been giving us new tools every day. Over the course of our work together we saw the birth of Java, Firefox nee Mozilla nee Netscape nee Mosaic, Javascript, PHP, mySQL, and who knows what others. With each we found new places at the edge to make some interesting work. As Margaret noted, we started exploring Web 2.0 when the ink wasn't dry on Web 1.0. In projects like Sunset and Nightfall we started working on what is now called the Semantic Web. Yes, Mark, our ghost collaborators have brought some arguably nefarious layers between us and our audiences, but those layers are meaningful to advertisers (and governments) because the media have become bidirectionally expressive enough that meaning is moving around in some pretty astounding ways.

Dale MacDonald
Technology Manager
Annenberg Innovation Lab
University of Southern California

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