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Renate Ferro rtf9 at cornell.edu
Fri Nov 9 08:48:58 EST 2012

Bhaskar wrote
"….one could multiply the situations in which we witness
> latent, unforeseen forces sabotaging individuated risk management. Against
> the privatizing risk cultures, then, one might pose these other modes of
> living with risk—those myriad and often-invisible risk cultures that
> encompass both singular, experimental artistic interventions and robust
> world-making popular practices."

Bhaskar in light of the questions I presented to Bishnu, your post
potentially offers a response to my question, that of experimental
artistic intervention. Right now I am thinking of the artistic
interventions of Ricardo Dominguez, Pre-emtive Media, and bio-genetics
artist Paul Venouse, or even the body/machine surgeries of Stelarc.

In light of these practices, It seems to me though that the risk
management of cell cultures like those of HeLa certainly presents
different stakes than others.  Any thoughts?


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