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Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Thu Nov 15 09:15:48 EST 2012

>>). The thing with Hela is now we know the whole story and are troubled with the ethics. 
I'm sure there are many many stories that we do not know, too>> [Bishnu]

thanks for your response, Bishnu
and yes I would imagine there are many stories we do not know.

I guess my point is we are all complicit in the regimes of biocapital we critique. What disturbs us--and what we seem to be getting out heads around--is that the "goods" in question are organs, tissues, cells...things that were once, legally speaking, the inalienable property of human beings. But after the 2001 U.S. Patent and trademark law that has changed...
We assume the law rests on a system of norms we all agree to. Well, here it seems reversed: we struggle with new norms as the market (and a legal system complicit with the market) runs ahead of us!

This complicity you are addressing is the most disturbing part, I think of such discussion on bio-power, even as we have perhaps not yet addressed critique to sciences/biosciences and their knowledge management; the point made about insurance companies, earlier, was very well made, and equally troubling.

I was trying last night to see whether i could develop a more interesting "boomerang" theory that also shows perhaps various points of entry for disruption or disturbance of the risk management culture and risk investment politics
spoken about here  -  the discussion at the moment is a bit US-centric i think, given the global risk and the borderlessness of some risks, and 9/2011 is not a date that concerns/explains the entire complex strata of politics and ethics.
(not even of disasterpreparedness). 

Ever since 9-1-1, money has been diverted from community public health services to "disaster preparedness," which did NOT mean protection against "natural" disasters.  Resources for nearly everything including child immunizations, flu clinics, dental care, nutrition education, and home health care were shifted to prepare for the next 9-1-1.  Thus, the risk shifted to those most vulnerable.
I cannot say with certainty what, if any resources that were diverted had anything to do with Sandy relief, but I did often think about that as I watched and read about the event. We are still fighting against the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us against. I only wish there was a public health industrial complex. haha...
This post 9-1-1 cartoon ......>>>  [Stewart]

 I have little to add here to the election matter, except, if you prefer a post-election cartoon from Europe: ....  we heard over here that Charles Darwin (founder of evolutionary theory) gained more than 4000 votes for a Congressional seat in a small district in Georgia. Well done, Athens-Clarke County, well done. 

Johannes Birringer

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