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Dear -empyre- subscribers:
Our discussion this past week on debt has resonated with many of our
subscribers.  Please feel free to continue the posts on this thread.
We thank Anna Fisher and Annie for hosting last week. At this time we
would like to introduce Patty Keller and Paulina Aroch-Fugellie who
will finish out the month. Their biographies are reprinted below.
Renate And Tim

Week 4
Paulina Aroch-Fugellie holds a Ph.D. in cultural analysis from
Amsterdam University, with a focus on postcolonial theory. She is
lecturer in African studies at the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios
Superiores de Monterrey and assistant professor in art theory and
interdisciplinary methodologies at the Centro Nacional de las Artes,
both in Mexico City. She is a 2012-13 fellow at the Society for the
Humanities, with a project entitled "Risk at the Periphery". In her
present research, she explores the notion of risk across disciplines
and geo-politcal boundaries, focusing on art from the global periphery
as a space that points to scholastic imaginations of risk as
narratives that themselves have to be questioned. Her other areas of
interest include semiotics, critical theory and psychoanalytic
theories of language.

Patty Keller is Assistant Professor of Spanish in the Department of
Romance Studies at Cornell University. Her research and teaching
interests are in the fields of modern and contemporary Spanish
cultural studies, with an emphasis on visual culture and the
intersections between literary, filmic and photographic texts.
Currently, she is completing a book manuscript titled Ghostly
Landscapes: Film, Photography, and the Aesthetics of Haunting, which
examines the relationship between ideology, spectrality, and visual
culture in fascist and post-fascist Spain. Her work on Spanish
photography and cinema includes scholarly articles published in the
Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, Hispanic Research Journal and
Hispanic Issues. She is beginning research for her second book
project—Photography’s Wound—a study that explores structures of
belief, the ethics of seeing, and figurations of the wound in
contemporary Spanish photography. Her additional research interests
are fascist technologies and spectacles, new wave cinemas, landscape
theory, critical theory, film theory, and philosophical and political
approaches to reading photography.

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