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September is always a busy month.  We are hoping that many of you attended
ISEA this past month.  Tim and I were not able to make it this year as I
was in London for my exhibition. It was one year ago that empyre hosted a
get-together  at ISEA in Istanbul where we saw many of you.

Many thanks to Patrick Lichty for organizing and moderating the month of
September on empyre: The New Aesthetic: Seeing Like Machines. Patrick and
his guests finished their discussion today so it is time to introduce our
next guest organizers, Alan Sondheim and Sandy Baldwin.  The discussion for
October will be Pain, Suffering, and Death in the Virtual. I have attached
both of their biographies below.  They will be posting their introductory
post tomorrow as well as their guests for the month. Thanks Alan and Sandy
for responding to our call for guest moderators for the month. We look
forward to your discussion.

Alan Sondheim is a Brooklyn artist/theorist whose latest book is Writing
Under (WVU Press). He recently released a new album with Fire Museum, and
has upcoming performances in both virtual and real worlds with Sandy

His film and video have been shown internationally. He works with virtual

wounded and/or deceased avatars, and their relationship to illness,

melancholy, mourning, and death in the real world; results include a

series of performances in Second Life and OpenSim (virtual worlds), texts,

and installations. He starts with avatar animations made from altered motion

capture equipment, in order to create 'inconceivable' and alien avatars,

movements, and environments. He examines the political and cultural

dimensions of this within social media and virtual worlds. He is concerned

with returning the virtual to the real, indicating that more is at stake

in the former than 'just manipulation' of avatars. Much of his writing is

concerned with the above issues, as well as the phenomenology of the

analog and digital and the aesthetics of code. He also works with his

Azure Carter, and Foofwa d'Imobilite in live dance/ performance; this

feeds back into the avatar work.

Sandy Baldwin is Associate Professor of English and Director of the Center
for Literary Computing at West Virginia University. He is a teacher,
writer, and artist. He is Executive Editor of Electronic Book Review,
Editor in Chief of the Computing Literature Book Series (WVU), project
director for the Consortium for Electronic Literature, and member of the
Executive Board of the Electronic Literature Organization. With Alan
Sondheim, he maintains a long-term collaboration exploring performance and
bodily interiority in virtual environments. He has created artistic game
mods, and more recently directed “Coaldust,” an agitprop theater group
performing in MMORPGs. He is the author of several books of “codework”
writing published by Blazevox. His current critical and theoretical work
explores net-based writing as an unstable, entropic, and absurd (re)working
of interior bodily states.


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