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Well don't get me wrong.

Audience is what makes a performance a performance

the fact it is witnessed

SL as an environment is quite aggressive. Sometimes it's like everyone 
around you shouts me me me at the same time.

There is no barrier between performer and audience in Second Life

They can be as loud as you are and what you do might seem offensive to them.

Use male nudity and even though you're in the right frame, that they are 
seeing something happening in fine arts context

and they might choose to disrupt you for various reasons, none may seem 
valid to you.

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Hi Fau,

This fascinates me, especially the ideas of the burden and the official
version. As you know some of my performances with Sandy Baldwin have been
attacked at least verbally (sometimes a bit moreso); Second Life is very
unlike a mailing list, although at least one person threatened trying to
ban me. And as Julian Dibbell pointed out in A Rape in Cyberspace - a
seminal essay on online behaviour and its relation to real-world emotion -
the pain that results is very real, it can be devastating. Jon writes
about this as well.

The official version, at least for me - the resulting video - is always
icealized; since we're dealing with pixels, we can go in during the
shooting and editing and re/create anything we want. I think the videos
encapsulate a lot of what might be seen as sloppy performance or even what
might be considered mistakes - encapsulate and discard. The videos also
imply strong beginnings and endings, whereas the performances and
installations may continue for a much longer time. This is a little like
Indian raga/rasa theory, with the drones 'appearing' in the world from
eternity, continuing eveen when no long sounding in the performance space.

Can you talk a little more about the burden?

thanks!, Alan

On Thu, 11 Oct 2012, Yael G wrote:

> I don?t trouble myself with a divide. it?s a very  artificial way to look 
> at what we naturally do awkwardly -
> communicate.
> It?s all real and unreal on various degree to me.
> Communication technology is just what it is - tech.
> Performance happens in a shared space, the shared space of the performers. 
> the audience pretty soon becomes a burden.
> You want the bandwidth to yourself, and the  preferred audience somewhere 
> else, watching you on a screen.
> You can?t control the way your actions are witnessed even more so when you 
> speak of an environment which every visual aspect is modifiable
> by other users.
> You are left with edited videos that are  your official version.
> Fau
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