[-empyre-] Pain, Suffering, and Death in the Virtual

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Oct 18 09:35:09 EST 2012

It makes sense that you wouldn't want to talk about personal pain or for 
that matter anything personal here. Everyone makes his or her decision, 
everywhere and everywhen, about revelation. I need at times to speak 
'somewhat' out of pain, because it comes from trauma, and trauma, at least 
for me, is uncontrollable repetition. As far as urls and other sites etc. 
are concerned, for me, empyre, or any other email list, is not in 
isolation, and one thing fundamental to the subjects under consideration, 
is bearing witness. The list by itself is clausterphobic in this regard, 
and I returned again today, for example to 
http://this.is/jenin/index2.html as part of thinking through these things.
- Alan

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