[-empyre-] The New Aesthetic: Seeing Like Machines

gh hovagimyan ghh at thing.net
Fri Sep 14 00:15:04 EST 2012

I never heard of New Aesthetics but I like the idea. Of course every  
new tool or technology brings a shift in ways of seeing and doing and  
making.  We can trot out the Marxist "alienation"  theme and it hold  
up.  Anyway,  I've been using computer vision which is teaching the  
computer to recognize things.  Part of that is using the Kinect to  
create live 3D video and integrate the physical body into virtual  
space and vice versa.  When you add Augmented Reality it expands the  
information layer to become part of natural reality.
Throw in Video Mapping and the traditional discourse between art and  
architecture is shifting to mediasphere/ information layer and  
architecture.  Is that what is meant by "New Aesthetic" ?

On Sep 13, 2012, at 8:56 AM, Lichty, Patrick wrote:

> y Robotics class this semester, we are building a UAV to create  
> drone art

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