[-empyre-] The New Aesthetic: Seeing Like Machines

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a) i wanna thnxxx mez (chunks) for contributing her research here to help
ground the convo in sum (knew) realities

b) this is happening in Chicago now:
The Great Refusal: Taking on New Queer Aesthetics, a large exhibition
curated by Oli Rodriguez:
im curious abt how this may intersect w/ or provide intersections between
this month's discussion on empyre + previous months, i.e. June 2012's
empyre discussion of Queer Media Art and Theory + even December 2011's
Glitched, Cracked, and Dirty Media discussion

c) David Berry:
c1. are you suggested that we are _not_ currently "being watched, observed,
coded, processed or formatted"?
c2. what are examples of yr proposal that "the new aesthetic's continual
seeking to 'open up' black boxes of technology" is manifest in either
artworks or discourses such identified?
c3. + do you believe that NA (+ here i am participating in what i
understand to be yr proposal to accept that NA is identifiable) is actually
"attempting to place them within histories and traditions"? do you
understand NA to be a historically motivated / grounded project? i would be
vry curious to hear how

// jonCates
Chair && Associate Professor of
Film, Video, New Media & Animation dept
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
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