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Has the discussion also addressed the reaction of theorists and curators 
to the phenomenon surrounding the NA artefact? Why is it largely 
defensive, land grabbing, and sometimes aggressive against James Bridle? 
It might even be considered to *be the phenomenon* and of interest on 
its own terms.

I state that as someone now removed from the arts scene and watching 
from the outside and these issues seem to be the most interesting as an 
'outside observer'.

Sorry if I missed that part of the conversation if it is been had 
already. I just pip in out of Empyre to check in and haven't read the 
archives for this conversation in detail.


On 09/28/2012 03:25 PM, Lichty, Patrick wrote:
> Since my last received post was on the 13th (and I apologize for not driving the conversation harder), I am a little dismayed at the dead air.  Therefore i would like to aks a few questions to hopefully drive a closing discussion about NA this month, and get ready for October.
> The first is whether the New Aesthetic is empty to the point where it does not drive a substantial discussion.  In image board terms, is it a movement that consists mainly of a "Oh, this looks cool, so I'll just leave it here" mentality, or does it represent an ephemerality of culture where movements are as ephemeral as the medium?
> Also, I want to ask where people see NA going, if anywhere.  Will that be dependednt on the development of technologies, or human reflections upon them?
> I am off to SLSA; I will eb monitoring from there.
> Best, Patrick.
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