[-empyre-] Closing this month's discussion

Claudia Pederson ccp9 at cornell.edu
Tue Apr 2 12:28:26 EST 2013

I wanted to thank you all for taking part in this month's discussion
covering games of various forms, on the internet, off the internet and in
between these spaces, and exploring some of the questions that arise as
artists, activists, and educators attempt to adapt gaming media for
educational, awareness-raising purposes, aesthetic expression, and even the
creation of alternative visions of community. That these efforts have
impacted the development of the medium should be recognized, even if the
contributions of these forms of gaming are far out of the radar of what is
being presented currently as games at museums and other institutions (the
NYT, for instance). We saw our discussion then as an opportunity to
highlight what gets obscured from public view in these spaces--alternative
forms of gaming that in form and concept aim to transform our vision of the
self and the world... Looking forward to a "new game."

 Claudia and Renate
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