[-empyre-] into what midst?

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Tue Apr 9 01:07:24 EST 2013

dear all

having read the two introductions to the SenseLab project (Generating the Impossible? Into the Midst?), it was of
course fascinating to ponder the questions that Erin Manning raised when describing the plan to "explode
the gallery" – here meaning the SAT dome in Montréal ? a gallery?  – especially when economic issues surfaced (about renting
the dome space and making money) or, alongside, issues of the Lab itself as having become its own institution or institutional-affiliate
not experimental, collaborative, collective enough? what notion of collective do you use?).
The actual event that Erin described seemed to have been site specific, in the Parc, adjacent to that SAT space, and
it involved two kinds of participatory activities (food, and the crocheted web). Could you please elaborate
how this now constitutes a 'choreographic object" based on 'new media techniques" exploding anything? (which space?)

I think I merely wondered what you were planning inside the neighborhood, on the one hand (how was the project
communicated to the audience or the par dwellers or visitors), and where the "midst" now is located, urban space?
or adjacent space (non institutional) and how did the action-environment you recounted made for next steps - 
 "providing us with a diagram for entering the space the next day? ? which is the second space?

with regards

Johannes Birringer

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