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I, as organizer of the month, have been working with the Senselabbers that I participated in this residency with to have a free--floating conversation about New Media, Collaboration, how we met with certain situations and propositions.  I proposed weekly topics with assigned members, but as the conversation has progressed, the weekly, structured format seemed to make less and less sense to me, as it did not reflect the sort of discussion we had in Into the Midst.  Therefore, my goal has been to try to send forth certain propositions and discussants on New Media and Collaboration for conversation with the Empyre community as a structural experiment.  As with the residency, I think that the result has been mixed, and communicates well the sort of excitement and challenges we had in collaborating in a flat, rhizomatic fashion. 

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greetings to all

just out of curiosity, if I may, in terms of the way you plan/ned to carry forward the discussion this month, was the core debate meant to be on the SAT project (into the midst), on SenseLab as a case-study for the kind of practices you have mentioned and described (and I'd like to come back at some point and ask some questions about your language), or did you envision having others on the wider empyre community respond to the SenseLab team with their readings of your event or with other propositions?

 --here , below,  a notice just received from Furtherfield (London), it might be of interest;
 and for those here who like to pursue and discuss the angle of the Croatian critique of neo-capitalist collectivism and instrumentalized choreograophic/"process" techniques without outcome (immaterial labor?),
let me know and i send you the Kostanic essay & other links  if you like,

with regards
Johannes Birringer
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::  Peer to Platform: Artist Collective vs. Social      Network  :::

1 May 2013


£10 / £8 Concessions / £7 ICA Members / £5 ICA Student Members

This panel discussion will highlight the overlaps between the way in
which a radical artist collective functions and how individuals operate
together within the most contemporary of frameworks, the social network.

If the radical artist collective is posited as a network for shared
political ideals and collaborative production, could it be proposed that
an emerging generation of digitally-native artists is more comfortable
establishing such structures online? Perhaps the accessibility of
virtual space, the promise of relative anonymity and the corporate
overtones of online platforms provide the perfect forum to continue the
legacy of groups such as Bernadette Corporation.

Reflecting on the notion of the network and questions of authorship,
ownership, self-promotion, and sincerity, the conversation will explore
the ways in which – arguably – the peer-to-peer bond of the artist
collective has been replaced by the virtual connections of Facebook and

Chaired by Ben Vickers, the panel will comprise Lizvlx from
UBERMORGEN.COM, Metahaven and Ruth Catlow from Furtherfield.

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