[-empyre-] into what midst? which collective? whose imaginary space?

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Tue Apr 23 03:27:44 EST 2013

[Johannes writes]
I don't love it at all but find it rather silly, from a political point of view;
and Beuys's joke about it doesn't help, as the conditions for everyone to
be an artist don't exist objectively;
but then again, as Mayra reminded me, I may not be able to relate to this
language of your Deleuze-Whitehad studio with the 'mostly dancers' ...
I personally don't think we'd get a work manufactured and produced
on stage, reading "Logic of Sensation" with our dancers
(Bacon loathed it, too, but he was a
good at something painter after all).

[Erin writes]
I love this 

I love it too, Erin!

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