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Fri Aug 23 14:43:58 EST 2013

Into which rabbit?

How many lived?=20

How many were tossed?

Where are Alba's moms?

Could you have done this procedure, proudly, with your own hands?

Let me be clear. I remind you that I support your actions, morally and
I believe that Transgenic Art, both the products and the processes, are
valid as an art forms a
nd as much needed commentaries on an industry of
post/species-boundarybreeding technology.

Unnecessary surgery, Aesthetic breeding, Even embryonic gene-play
should and has be done by curious artists wielding their own scalpels.

But it does us all an injustice to white wash (or green glowwash) a bloody
and meaty process.=20
No art that uses the knife (even a knife for hire) should claim that it is
That is a grotesque affront.

Could you to be a little more transparent or forthcoming
When you review the modern breeding procedures
That went into the formation of Alba?

They surely did cause some harm.

Signing out until next time,
A difficult fan,
Adam Zaretsky=20
Research Affiliate,
Arnold Demain Fermentation
and Industrial Microbiology Laboratory
Department of Biology Massachusetts Institute of Technology
68-223 Cambridge MA 02139

PS: I hope the next trangenic mammalian art piece
is better documented.

I mean the glowing birth of a GFP Mammal
will be a gorgeous event to capture on Digital Video!

Woodstock, NY USA - Tuesday, July 17, 2001 at 11:02:46 (PDT)

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<TITLE>Animal Interlude, Letter to Alba Guestbook, 2001</TITLE>
<FONT FACE=3D"Times, Times New Roman"><SPAN STYLE=3D'font-size:12pt'>Hi Eduardo=
As you know... I support you and Alba. May you find togetherness!(Pending F=
DA/EPA approval.) <BR>
I have no problem with the techniques of transgenes being used for art prod=
uction purposes. <BR>
I do have an objection to the concept of this being a Harmless Art. <BR>
Why pretend that? <BR>
The inserted gene is claimed to be harmless to Alba as an organism. <BR>
This is an industry claim that I seriously doubt. <BR>
But, if the art of GFP Bunny is not Alba in Herself but instead <BR>
'comprises her creation' including the techniques of Insertational Mutagene=
sis <BR>
and you still want to claim that 'no harm was done' <BR>
then lets take a closer look at the Protocols for a Transgenic Rabbit&middo=
t; <BR>
They call for hormone treatments both for hyper-ovulation of the egg supply=
ing (donor) rabbit -- mom(1) <BR>
and hormone treatments for the psuedo-pregnant state of the surrogate 'uter=
us' donor -- mom(2) <BR>
and surgery on both sides to collect the fertilized embryos from the fallop=
ian tubes of mom(1) rabbit<BR>
and to implant the GFP positive embryos into the surrogate uterus of the mo=
m(2) rabbit. <BR>
This says nothing of the throwing away of the biohazardous &#8216;leftover&=
#8217; embryos that didn't take the transgene properly.<BR>
As a part of the process, We also have to take into account the unnamed or =
numbered Brothers and Sisters of Alba <BR>
who were possibly still born or born with abnormalities due to the viral in=
fection vectors, cytoplasmic bacterial infection, <BR>
bad laparascopic technique, or other natural causes.<BR>
How many embryos were implanted? <BR>

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