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Thanks to you Patrick for your organization and steadfast reliability.
 And to all of your guests many thanks as well.  It has been a month
with many new voices on empyre.  We hope that you will all continue to
participate in our empyre discussions in the future.

 We have had a bit of a glitch in switching moderators and discussion
topics this month.  Stay tuned and we will be introducing a new topic
in a couple of days.

On Sun, Dec 1, 2013 at 2:09 PM, Patrick Keilty <p.keilty at utoronto.ca> wrote:
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> Thank you to everyone who participated in empyre's November discussion. Selmin, Camilla, and I would especially like to thank our guest discussants: Zach Blas, Matthew Brower, micha cárdenas, Sandra Danilovic, Scott Hocking, Andrew Lau, Chaya Litvack, David McIntosh, Owen Mundy, Samara Smith, and Ebru Yetiskin.
> Because of everyone's participation, we have a much better handle on the the value of artifice in our understanding of activism. Artifice allows us to perform the task of insight, and then of memory, into our social, political and cultural existence. It allows us to call these conditions to attention. See this? Look at that! Take note and rethink what you think you know. These insights allow us the capacity to think critically (that is, imaginatively) about our particular social and political circumstances. Fine art achieves its effect through an aesthetic appeal to the senses. Though artifice, it shows the constructedn-ness of its condition -- and our own.
> Many thanks again for the thought provoking conversation. Tim and Renate will introduce December's discussion soon.
> All warm wishes,
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