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A few days before the end of November we received word that our
regularly scheduled moderator was not going to be able to moderate the
month of December.  Irina Contreras volunteered at the last minute not
only pulling together a topic but gathering a group of interesting
guests.  Irina will be introducing the December topic, "Call and
Response" soon.  I would like to thank Irina for her amazing
organizational push at this last minute.  We all look forward to the

IRINA CONTRERAS (1977) is an interdisciplinary artist and writer,
whose individual and collaborative projects examine personal
reflections of collective experiences. Recent projects take the form
of performance, narrative, video, play, archives and collaboration as
a way to manipulate and interrogate physical space. In 2008, she was a
resident artist in DF/Mexico City and in Berkeley in 2009. She has
performed, shown and programmed film and video in venues throughout
the US, Mexico, and Germany and is looking forward to performing in
the 2013 Ghetto Biennial in Port Au Prince, Haiti. She has written for
various anthologies besides writing regularly for such publications
like make/shift Magazine. In 2010, she was a recipient of the Creating
Community Grant to co-create a production entitled, Scenes Unseen,
which explored the historical and contemporary realities of
immigration and gender-based laws.  Born in Los Angeles, she will
complete her MFA/MA in Social Practice/Visual and Critical Studies
from the California College of Arts in 2015.  She can be found at
machinegunsteady.tumblr.com or scenesunseenproduction.com.


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