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Irina Contreras icontreras at cca.edu
Wed Dec 18 01:45:43 EST 2013


I thought I might bring to your attention a great article written by
Dorothy Santos recently.


The honeymoons over is a reflection on internet utopianism and the arts.
This seems like maybe a jumping off point for us to talk about how work
like this might/might not relate to Cake And Eat It and Decolonize Your
Diet. Cake and Eat It seems to use the internet as a site though perhaps an
afterthought? Addie, feel free to pipe in here.

Decolonize Your Diet may not identify at all as artists but perhaps use
creative ways to make their mission of interest. Dorothy speaks to the use
of social media and this overlaps with "change".

You can also check this interview with Addie from CAEI:


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