[-empyre-] WEEK 1 on empyre: Art, Engineering, and Politics: In Memoriam, Beatriz da Costa

Renate Ferro rtf9 at cornell.edu
Sun Feb 3 08:27:26 EST 2013

Dear Christiane, Many thanks for sharing with us the trajectory of
your relationship with Beatriz, Shani to those who knew her closely.
While I followed her work with Preemtive Media Media early on it was
not until ISEA 2006 in San Jose that I met her.  If my memory is
serving me she hosted with others a series of wetware workshops. I
just found the link
 I know that I videotaped one of the panels where I believe Natalie
was skyping in or attempted to skype in.  I am going to dig for that
videotape tomorrow and perhaps I can put it up on You Tube within the
next week.

Thanks so much for posting the url's to not only the project websites
but also the Whitney artport site.  For our younger subscribers and
students these links are incredibly important in allowing Beatriz'
work to continue on.  Your perspective as a curator and a friend
provides an the insightful relationship between Beatriz as a person
and the work she conceptualized. I am looking so very much to hearing
more of your thoughts.

Many thanks.  Renate

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