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Thanks for your comments Renate. I was able to locate the password to view
the full length video for those that are interested. From your first link,
at the bottom of the trailer you'll see a "To view full video... click
here" which takes you to a pass protected page -- just enter "humans" to
gain access.

I also was struck by the immediacy of Dr. Schneider's response. I went with
her to that first meeting at his lab. A number of others would follow. The
specifics of much of the initial conversation escape me now. It was
background about the nature of his research, some discussion of Shani's
most recent history with cancer, and of course her project ideas. I do
remember his being quite taken by Shani, If I had to guess I'd think it in
part due to her deep knowledge of her disease, the considerable research
she'd done on laboratory practices involving mice, her directness and
openness, her motivations, and her desire to translate her experience into
something she could creatively offer to others while in the midst of
dealing with her own terminal illness. He introduced us to the researchers
working with the mouse models in his facility (exclusively women as I
recall, at least the ones we met and who became featured in the video), and
essentially granted her access on the spot.

Walking out I remember turning to her and expressing my amazement at what
had just happened, since it's very rare to be allowed access to film inside
an animal research facility, especially for a visual artist. If she was
surprised, she hid it well. I do know she was very happy... and immediately
began planning what to do next.

On Sun, Feb 3, 2013 at 4:07 PM, Renate Ferro <rtf9 at cornell.edu> wrote:

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> Dear Robert,
> Thank you so much for agreeing to be our guest during such an
> emotional time for you. I wanted
> to respond to you sooner but your post was so compelling yet complex I
> found myself reading
> it and then rereading it over again.  I post the URL to the website
> "Dying for the Other" for our subscribers
> and those who may not be familiar.
> http://beatrizdacosta.net/Dying_for_the_Other/
> Also this on Vimeo
> http://vimeo.com/33170755
> The timeliness in which Dr. Schneider responded to her first query
> seems remarkable.  I look forward to your sharing not only this
> completed project but also the ones that were in progress.  Can you
> let us know if there
> are any online resources for the video project?  This month's
> discussion may be a good place to begin to help assimilate these
> resources.
> Many thanks again to both you and Christiane.  Looking forward to
> hearing from both of you.
> Renate
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