[-empyre-] response to Robert's first post

Lichty, Patrick plichty at colum.edu
Sat Feb 9 06:36:33 EST 2013

There are times when I am more or less vocal out here, and this has been one of the less vocal months.  This is mainly because until 2006 in San Jose at ISEA while bunking with Paul Vanouse, we ran into each other at festivals, and had tons of friends of friends, I never really could say that I had the pleasure of 'knowing' Shani very well, as it seemed like she was often in the room/at the table somewhere I was at, but there were many conversations going on at the table.  

I think one of the things that I always respected about her is that she seemed to use her adversity or pain or suffering bravely in the service of others in a form of public bravery that was not self-oriented or melodramatic.  For me, especially in the Biopolitics anthology, she used her strength to speak truth to power, and in some way, helped give voice to those who were voiceless or felt they can respond to their situation only with silence.  I think there are a lot of people who, like her, suffer(ed) but are not comfortable/lack the will/courage to give that experience a voice and in projects like Dying for the Other, she gave a humane voice to suffering.  Although I didn't know her very well, I liked her greatly, thought her part of my larger Tactical Media family, and wished I had known her better.


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