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Interesting to summon Virilio... and I really like the attempt to link a
piece of the personal to the more philosophical/theoretical. In general I
think Shani would have found our discussion most illuminating/useful if and
when that type of move is made in relation to her work/practice (as opposed
to her health and character, and I type this in full awareness that I am
more guilty than any of sentimentality, reminiscing, and linking
personality to practice... which of course are related, but are also things
we've established she was not so drawn to).

> could it be that she was able to live in the instantaneity, the real time
> (or near real time) that he predicates as our reality, in part because she
> refused to have a stake in either the bitter past or the uncertain future?
> OK, possibly a stretch.
The past, upon (her) reflection, was not always bitter :), though she did
not tend to dwell there, even when sweet. She was, as you all have stated,
far more present/future oriented, even though that future was uncertain; an
uncertainty that did not eclipse an almost obsessive planning. It sometimes
seemed the greater the uncertainty the greater her need to plan became, But
it was more than that I think, as illness progressed, planning, and
creating project/trip/life markers to work toward or simply look forward
to, helped make the daily difficulties more bearable, and gave a bit of

> Robert, I have been wondering what Shani drew inspiration from in the way
> of books. What was she reading in the last year or two, apart from books on
> cancer? What was her go-to library? Whose voices spoke to her?
Funny you should bring this up! I took pictures of the small collection of
books she accumulated in New York as I removed them from her office area
for packing (they still sit on my phone which I'm looking at now). They can
be clustered into several very rough categories:


101 Dog Tricks
Dog Training
The Dog's Mind
Canine Body Language
Canine Behavior
Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food
Zoographies: The Question of the Animal from Heidegger to Derrida
Of Mice and Men
Animals: 1419 Copyright-free Illustrations
1300 Real and Fanciful Animals
Flowers, Butterflies and Insects


Critical Theory Reader
Homo Sacer
The Gay Science
The Human Condition
Bodies that Matter
Social Epistemology
An Intellectual History of Liberalism
Foucault Reader
The Birth of the Clinic
The Hermeneutics of the Subject
Society Must Be Defended
Security, Territory, Population
Leviathan and the Air Pump
Kuhn vs. Popper
The Heavenly City of the 18th Century Philosophers
The Age of Empire
Classical Mythology


The Immortal Life of Henrietta Locke
Critical Resistance
The Dialectical Biologist
What is Posthumanism?
The Ecological Thought
Modest_Witness at Second_Millennium.FemaleMan_Meets_OncoMouse: Feminism and
Simians, Cyborgs and Women
Global Genome
Chasing Technoscience
Impure Science
Culturing Life
Good Germs Bad Germs
The Politics of Life Itself
Politics of Nature
Handbook of Science and Technology Studies
Principles of Genetics
The Cell
Tactical Biopolitics
Biology: A Self-Teaching Guide
Understanding Biotechnology


Context Providers
Collectivism, Modernism
Relational Aesthetics
Conversation Pieces
Media Technology and Society
What Do Pictures Want?
Tactical Media
Thinking with Type
Theory in Contemporary Art Since 1985
Originals: American Women Artists
Drawing Babar (gift from her mother :)
(Various catalogs)


Nature's Cancer-Fighting Foods
Foods to Fight Cancer
Cooking with Foods that Fight Cancer
The Sprouted Kitchen
Beyond the Magic Bullet
Cancer as a Metabolic Disease
Holistic Homeopathy for Women
The Healthy Cottage Cookbook
Chez Panisse Desserts
Earth Qi Gong for Women
Essential Oils Desk Reference
The Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Workbork
Fast Fold (origami tutorial)


Aperture 3
Google SketchUp for Site Design
SketchUp 7 for Architectural Visualization

What would undoubtedly be quite interesting as a collection/snapshot would
be to export the browser bookmarks from her most frequently used
computer... but that, I think, becomes too invasive, and again risks
cultivating too much of the personal at the expense of the broader import
of her practice.

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