[-empyre-] Week 3 on empyre: Paul Vanouse, Amanda McDonald Crowley, Claire Penacost, and Heidi Kumao

Renate Ferro rtf9 at cornell.edu
Thu Feb 21 15:01:15 EST 2013

Paul thanks so much for sharing your insightful observations about
Beatriz' early working process. I am also reminded about the
appearance Beatriz made in Lynn Hershman's film Strange Culture about
Steve's ordeal.
You were in that too were you not?  For those subscribers who may want
to look at the trailer it can be found at

I am sure that our subscribers as would I love to hear more about the
generation of the wetware hackers.  I wrote in an earlier post that I
was at that symposium at ISEA and I believe I have a videotape of the
panel...will look for it tomorrow.

But in the meantime can you share more about you and Beatriz'
discussions and how you came up with the conceptual and practical
parameters.  It has been incredibly interesting for me to read so many
times that at the heart of so many of Beatriz' collaborations a
friendship or personal connection preceded.  I am hoping you will have
time to make a post or two more about all this.  Thanks again.  Renate


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