[-empyre-] looking for March discussants for the topic "Videogames and Art: Incite/Insight"

Renate Ferro rtf9 at cornell.edu
Tue Feb 26 06:48:13 EST 2013

Dear empyreans: A call for discussants for March: "Videogames and Art:

Guest moderator Claudia Pederson is hosting the month of March on
-empyre with help from -empyre moderator Renate Ferro.

The month's discussion "Videogames and Art: Incite/Insight" will
investigate the relationship of videogames and Art. "Why Games?" asked
a curator from the Mass MoCA in 2001 in an essay entitled  "Game
Show."  Just a little over a decade later this question rings quaint.
The desire for legitimization speaks to still lingering beliefs that
videogames are chiefly a subcultural form. In a recent press
conference after the Newtown shootings (and subsequent calls for gun
control), the NRA president Wayne LaPierre deflected scrutiny by
shifting blame to violent videogames, calling the videogame industry
"a shadow organization."  At this point of their cultural trajectory
videogames look to be becoming just another form of entertainment
(think of the booming of social games).  As the history of art expands
to include diverse fields of media arts, the recognition of these
practices is not only overdue but also urgent to the development of
both art history and social understandings of media. In this interest,
the above observations are meant as threads to stimulate discussion on
this month's topic: alternative, diverse forms of gaming aimed at
(cultural) change.

Anyone on the -empyre list serve who would like to be an invited guest
moderator for one week in March should contact Renate Ferro
<rtf9 at cornell.edu> as soon as possible.  Send along a biography and
what week you would like to feature your work.  Please pass this call
on to artists, programmers, art historians, curators or anyone whose
practices or writing may intersect with these issues.


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