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I am exceedingly grateful to this list for keeping me current in the 
emerging new culture. I love to lurk and occasionally pop up. Bravo to all.

For the last fifteen years I have been leading a somewhat double life 
--neither side a secret but one more public than the other.

*Life 1.*I am a visual artist.

My art is not much practiced on the web.I began as a painter, and have 
been based in Connecticut where my husband and I have had a variety of 
affiliations. As my public life became demanding I moved into a variety 
of media which could accommodate better to the kind of schedule I was 
living -- digital photography, three dimensional work in paper, video 
periodically.I have exhibited all professionally and have done a variety 
of private commissions but because of Life 2, I have not been very 
public about this work. It does keep getting born and it even gets a 
public viewing from time to time. I can't send a website just now -- it 
needs revision and updating.

*Life 2*. Though I have no law degree, I am a member of the legal 
academy.I teach visual persuasion to law students, mostly in their third 
year just before graduation at Quinnipiac University School of Law. They 
make visual things along the way because literacy doesn't arise from 
listening only, so part of the training for the students engaged with 
visual persuasion includes making visual things.[There is a need for 
this as the law is awash with pictures and lawyers need to know what 
they are and how they work differently from words. Needless to say, I 
spend a lot of time looking at visual ephemera, not masterpieces,that 
are used as evidence, for legal demonstratives, for argument, and in the 
"pulp" press.] These days, almost all the legal pictures are digitally 
produced and/or displayed, so I dived into what I must call, broadly, 
technology studies. That's why I am a Senior Research Scholar in Law at 
Yale Law School, Fellow of the Information Society Project of Yale Law 
School; a member of the Technology and Ethics Working Group of the 
Bioethics Center of the Institute for Social and Policy Studies at Yale, 
and a member of the Science, Technology, and Utopian Visions Working 
Group of the Whitney Humanities Center at Yale University. As you can 
see, I am a boundary crosser; I came into the world with this kind of 
mind so it was inevitable that I would find a cross-disciplinary perch.

In Life 2 I am currently engaged in academic writing about disgusting 
and gruesome pictures in the law and, in honor of Life 1, I am making 
reliefs of mixed paper media marked with paint, ink, collage turning the 
geometric into the organic, resulting, I hope, in beauty, not horror.

Syllabus 1/26/12

Faculty homepage: http://www.law.yale.edu/faculty/CSpiesel.htm
Book: http://www.lawondisplay.fromthesquare.org
Publications available on-line:
"More Than a Thousand Words in Response to Rebecca Tushnet"

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