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Mon Jul 1 06:44:34 EST 2013

another late posting on the call to disclose one's lurking:

I discovered the list about a year ago and since then follow often in 
amazement and thrilled by the amount and content of input.
Thank to all the contributes so far for their great exchanges that 
initiates such interesting discussions - and more basically just for 
idea of sharing ideas.


So. in short about my work as artist and writer in the fields of 
performance and theory; studied video and performance and have an EMMA 
European Media MA from Merz-Akademie Stuttgart/University of Portsmouth. 
Currently I am developing an artistic research project around the 
self-invented notion of '/memacism/' (concept of motion embedded mind 
agency). Monika Jaeckel, Berlin, Germany; (mindgap.org and 

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