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Pernille Rübner-Petersen r_bner at get2net.dk
Mon Jul 1 02:05:43 EST 2013

Dear Everyone.

I am Danish lurker. Since January 2013 I have enjoyed looking into  
this list - trying to get more into academic methodologies of  
Artistic Research and Interdisciplinary Studies. Thank you!

I am a singer, writer and director and have a master in Modern  
Culture and Cultural Dissemination.  I have written articles about  
film, gender, family and identity from a perspective of queer-theory.

Mostly, though, I have worked artistically with music, film and  
words. The last few years I have got more into performing. This  
summer I am recording my second music album. (Link to BIO further down).

I applied for a Ph.D. at Copenhagen University, DK (that I didn’t get  
so far) in Artistic Research with a project about voice, music and  
(different kinds of) female subjectivity
(whether or how it makes sense to say that female subjectivity exists  
at all when it comes down to it! – culturally and psychosomatically).

According to that, my concept music album: The Book of the Mermaid  
and it's other artistic bi-products probably have most relevance:

The Book of the Mermaid (2009) is inspired by the fairytale, The  
Little Mermaid, written by the storyteller H.C. Andersen. (There is a  
sculpture of her in Copenhagen which serves as the icon for  
Copenhagen and which is the most must-see attraction for many  
tourists coming to Denmark):

Music video (has another ending than the fairytale): I’m gonna love  
you (2012)


Concert trailer (work in progress): The Mermaid Has Got The Blues (2012)


Bio: http://www.pernillerp-mix.dk/index.php/bio-english

Work of Art: http://www.pernillerp-mix.dk/index.php/bio-english/work- 

I am not so much into New Media and Technologies – as it seems that  
many people are in this forum. Therefore I am thinking, that if  
anyone knows about other lists of academic discussions that might  
serve my quest, I would be happy to know about it.

Also, Artistic research is not so common in Denmark and being older  
that 40 (I am 46 years old), it is said in Denmark, that getting a  
Ph.D. project funded can be quite difficult. So I figured that I  
ought to apply at other universities abroad as well. The Academy of  
Music and Drama in Gothenburg would be perfect(!) - for that matter  
but this university hasn’t accept applications for some time.

If anyone knows about universities in England or France (where a  
degree can be taken in English) that would be suitable for my  
project, I will appreciate it very much to get to know about them.

Contact and for more information: r_bner at get2net.dk
Thanks and best regards, Pernille Rübner-Petersen
English version: http://www.pernillerp-mix.dk/index.php/home

P.s. I might have posted this bio once but it didn't seem to go  
through - sorry if have repeated myself.
Den 30/06/2013 kl. 4.45 skrev Renate Ferro:

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> It has been incredibly great to read about so many of your  
> projects.  We are hoping that many of you will take this last day  
> of June to respond to our call.
> Whether you are a participant or a lurker please let us know what  
> your current projects are and post a short bio. Thanks to all of  
> you this month who have shared.  Thanks.  Renate
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