[-empyre-] empyre subscribers...this is the last day to post your projects, bios, interests!!

Brett Stalbaum bstalbaum at ucsd.edu
Mon Jul 1 13:49:48 EST 2013

Short Bio

Brett Stalbaum is a serial collaborator and founding member of the 
Electronic Disturbance Theater (1997- with Ricardo Dominguez, Carmin 
Karasic, Stefan Wray), C5 (1997-2005) paintersflat.net (2003-2007) and 
with Cicero Silva the walkingtools.net laboratory (UNIFESP/UCSD 2007-). 
A graduate of the CADRE MFA program, he is a Teaching Professor (LSOE) 
and coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts Major at 
UCSD, living with his partner Paula Poole in an unincorporated area of 
Eastern San Diego County. His work circulates around some confluence of 
formal exploration and activist practice, and concentrates particularly 
on developing IT and infrastructure to enable the unintended 
possibilities of emerging platforms and other technologies. He likes 
Giselle Beiguelman's assertion that we have entered the era of "do it 
yourself, together", and is presently working on upgrades to the 
hipergeo.net locative media platform, and an open source platform to map 
social problems and allow neighbors to anonymously share geographic 
information. (The first manifestationof related project space exists at 
gungeomarker.org.) And something nascent about radios and ghosts that 
may or may not happen, because we all have some kind of wild hair 
project on the back burner. No?

On 6/29/2013 7:45 PM, Renate Ferro wrote:
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> It has been incredibly great to read about so many of your projects.  We
> are hoping that many of you will take this last day of June to respond to
> our call.
> Whether you are a participant or a lurker please let us know what your
> current projects are and post a short bio. Thanks to all of you this month
> who have shared.  Thanks.  Renate
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