[-empyre-] thank you -empyre: it was great to get to know more of you!

Renate Ferro rtf9 at cornell.edu
Mon Jul 1 14:22:33 EST 2013

This past month of June we have taken pause to give as many of you who
wanted a chance to share your current projects and interests.  As we
mentioned in our introductory post we have been thinking a lot about
the next decade for -empyre as it continues to morph and grow.  What
has been a surprising delight is to get a sense of how diverse our
subscriber list is.  It has also been inspiring to hear the ways that
many of you use the list.  While some of you are active participants,
many of you are readers for a variety of reasons...there are a few
below that seemed to sum up the consensus...

" the discourse moves fast, and often by the time I have my thoughts
together it has moved on"

"I am a very active lurker, always on the verge of writing in response
to postings, but never feeling the responses are ready for public
scrutiny ..."

 "shy shy shy...."

"a long-time lurker as well...The list has helped me to explore more
in-depth subjects I am already familiar with, and to learn of
practices and theories which are new to me"

A special thanks to all of you who have posted this month and we are
hoping you will all take some time to participate actively in the
coming months.

Welcome to Simon Biggs who will be hosting our July discussion.
Best to all of you.

Renate Ferro

Renate Ferro
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