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Dear Renate Ferro, dear all,

Sorry for my delay. Please accept this short bio. Thank you, regards,

Cristina Miranda de Almeida

*Cristina Miranda de Almeida*'s research interests are focused on 
analysis of the impact of the digital technologies on experience and 
perception, in particular regarding the inscription of the digital 
sphere into the physical reality and the conformation of hybrid 
realities (co-editing the book with D. de Kerckhove titled /The Point of 
Being/ and developing the /Project Matter-ICT/) and in the exploration 
of digital processes for cultural (Condensed Matter Project), educative 
(/WiredBook& Electronic Margin/; /Universal Margin/) or artistic 
(/Spheres of Identity/) aims. She is also researching on forms of 
trans-disciplinary dialogue between art, science and technology (/SEAD 
She holds a European PhD in Art (UPV/EHU, 2005) /The Tree of Art. 
Transensorial and Intersubjective Matrix for the Silence of the Artist 
Ego and a Non-visual Art /(published in 2006). At the moment she is 
Visiting Scholar and External researcher at the Internet 
Interdisciplinary Institute IN3/UOC and  teaches at the Department of 
Art and Technology, Facultad de Bellas Artes, University of the Basque 
Country (2007~). She spent post-doctoral research periods in École 
Nationale Superieur des Beaux-Arts, Paris (2009); McLuhan Program of 
Culture and Technology, University of Toronto (2007); Centre for 
advanced Inquiry in Integrative Arts (CaiiA-Hub)-Planetary Collegium, 
School of Computing, Communications & Electronics, Faculty of 
Technology, University of Plymouth, Gran Bretaña (2005-06) and a 
predoctoral research period Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, Italy 

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