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Tue Jul 2 08:37:36 EST 2013

If John can be late, I can too, especially as I'm bamboozled by time
differences having been in four countries, some of them four times, in four

I'm just a poet, which is also the height of my ambition, interested in
performance, more and more interested in sound.  Recent publications
include *You Have to Laugh: New + Selected Poems *(New York: Barrow Street,
2013), *Jennifer's Family*, photographs by Louisa Marie Summer, texts by
Mairéad Byrne from recordings by Mairéad Byrne and Louisa Marie Summer
(Amsterdam: Schilt, 2012), *Lucky*, with illustrations by Abigail Lingford
(Houston, TX: Little Red Leaves, 2011), and  *The Best of (What's Left
of) *Heaven
(Baltimore: Publishing Genius, 2010).  I'm a Professor of Poetry + Poetics
at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence and am currently in Rome,
serving as Chief Critic to RISD's European Honors Program, until the end of
this year.  For five and a half years I curated *couscous*, a diverse
monthly poetry / music / performance community event in Providence, and
elsewhere.  It's over now.  On to other things.

I feel that this list, even reading the bios submitted in June, will help
me re-think my purpose, and possibilities.

I'm looking forward to that!


On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 9:40 AM, John Cayley <cayley at shadoof.net> wrote:

> ----------empyre- soft-skinned space----------------------
> hope I'm not too late to send this sheepish contribution from a grateful
> lurker ...
> John Cayley makes digital language art, particularly in the domain of
> poetry and poetics. Recent and ongoing projects include *How It Is in
> Common Tongues*, a part of the *The Readers Project* with Daniel C. Howe (
> thereadersproject.org), *imposition* with Giles Perring, *riverIsland*,
> and *what we will* ... Information on these and other works may be
> consulted at programmatology.shadoof.net. Cayley is Professor of Literary
> Arts at Brown University. Recently Cayley has become obsessed,
> agonistically, by Writing to be Found with=against language-driven network
> services.
> Recent/forthcoming:
> *How It Is in Common Tongues* with Daniel C. Howe. This artists' book is
> composed by searching for the text of Samuel Beckett's *How It Is* using
> a universally accessible search engine, attempting to find, in sequence,
> the longest common phrases from *How It Is* that were composed by writers
> or writing machines other than Beckett. These phrases are quoted from a
> portion of the commons of language that happens to have been indexed by a
> well-known service. Notes at the bottom of each page give the shortest URL
> that we were able to retrieve for the phrases cited. The first in a
> sequence of citations provides, in parentheses, the date when we found the
> phrase on the give web page. The number following the date (or 'id.') is
> the total number of occurrences found for the phrase. Compare: Stéphanie
> Vilayphiou's 'La carte *ou* le territoire'
> http://bcc.stdin.fr/LaCarteOuLeTerritoire/
> Amazon: http://amzn.com/094845430X
> ELMCIP Knowledge Base: http://elmcip.net/node/4677 and
> http://elmcip.net/node/5194
>  ‘Writing to Be Found and Writing Readers.’ *Digital Humanities Quarterly* 5.3
> (2011): <http://digitalhumanities.org/dhq/>.
> ‘Terms of Reference & Vectoralist Transgressions: Situating Certain
> Literary Transactions over Networked Services.’ *Amodern* (2013): <
> http://amodern.net> forthcoming.
> Howe & Cayley. ‘Reading, Writing, and Resisting: Literary Appropriation in
> the Readers Project.’ *ISEA*  (2013): forthcoming.
> On Jul 1, 2013, at 12:22 AM, Renate Ferro <rtf9 at cornell.edu> wrote:
> ----------empyre- soft-skinned space----------------------
> This past month of June we have taken pause to give as many of you who
> wanted a chance to share your current projects and interests.  As we
> mentioned in our introductory post we have been thinking a lot about
> the next decade for -empyre as it continues to morph and grow.  What
> has been a surprising delight is to get a sense of how diverse our
> subscriber list is.  It has also been inspiring to hear the ways that
> many of you use the list.  While some of you are active participants,
> many of you are readers for a variety of reasons...there are a few
> below that seemed to sum up the consensus...
> " the discourse moves fast, and often by the time I have my thoughts
> together it has moved on"
> "I am a very active lurker, always on the verge of writing in response
> to postings, but never feeling the responses are ready for public
> scrutiny ..."
> "shy shy shy...."
> "a long-time lurker as well...The list has helped me to explore more
> in-depth subjects I am already familiar with, and to learn of
> practices and theories which are new to me"
> A special thanks to all of you who have posted this month and we are
> hoping you will all take some time to participate actively in the
> coming months.
> Welcome to Simon Biggs who will be hosting our July discussion.
> Best to all of you.
> Renate Ferro
> Renate Ferro
> Visiting Assistant Professor of Art
> Cornell University
> Department of Art, Tjaden Hall Office #420
> Ithaca, NY  14853
> Email:   <rtf9 at cornell.edu>
> URL:  http://www.renateferro.net
>      http://www.privatesecretspubliclies.net
> Lab:  http://www.tinkerfactory.net
> Managing Co-moderator of -empyre- soft skinned space
> http://empyre.library.cornell.edu/
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empyre
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Mairéad Byrne, PhD
Professor of Poetry + Poetics
Coordinator, Literary Arts + Studies Concentration
Rhode Island School of Design
2 College Street
Providence RI 02903

Office: College Building 528
Office hours: Friday 1-4.00pm, + by appt.
Phone: 401.454.6268
mbyrne at risd.edu

"Poetry has always been where our most intense engagements with language
play out."
-- Jim Andrews
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