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end of the day again - pink dusk clouds succumbing, suffusing to indigo - temperature dropping as rapidly as the light is falling - is going into darkness always descent?…

today's metonym:
'we have a problem houston….'

on accidentalism ~ to paraphrase - perhaps mis-remember, probably mis-repsresent - virillio at the end of the 20th century 'the accident is the hidden face of technological progress' - the hidden force of technical prowess - necessity's propulsion…

his exemplar was the space shuttle challenger - I recall watching it's cumulonimbic fireball on a crappy tv in suburban brisbane, which did not diminish the affect of the scene - for years after I worked with those ground-to-air/space vocal comms - at once eery, poetic, banal…

remember the parisian tunnel - the princess corpse - the tsunamic intense outpouring of some strangely hypnotic shared sense of grief - sublimated social anxieties suddenly erupting…

the accident as strange attractor - a trajectory in a dynamical system toward which all trajectories converge - all technologies are dynamical systems, within which their accident attractors reside, hidden - not parisitic but symbiotic...

todays question: 
what tangle of technocryptic ley lines connect 9/11 with the underwater go pro? {not just their 'be a hero' slogan}

- btw - the tooth is gone - actually its in my pocket…

now I'm heading out to catch a bus to go listen to a friends tales of workshopping with chris watson in iceland last month…

listening forward to that…


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> Going wrong is possibly part of the evolutionary process 

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