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On Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 8:18 PM, Garth Paine <garth at activatedspace.com>wrote:

> We were interesting in drawing the maturity of practice in the room to
> consider questions of sustainability of that practice in an evolving
> landscape. Thinking about interaction in performance, questioning the way
> in which interactive performance systems, change, iterate, subjugate,
> extend the body. Contemplating where the body begins/ends and the mind,
> system, otherness fades in….  the seam…
Hi Garth, All.

Talking of interactive systems that stretch and [potentially] make elastic
definitions involving consciousness, autonomy, agency and otherness,
I'vejust been reminded of one of my early unpolished AI Stories
through a
call-out via Christy Dena for Aussie SciFi/Robot Writers. "The (MALFI)
Trials" was written in 1996 and incorporated elements from
(back then it was via email list/irc conventions rather than mobile) and
faux scientific journal emulation. There's a badly formatted first draft
available here if you're curious: http://bit.ly/8JkwKE. The final draft
(sans typos/errors but keeping elements of the original formatting) was
published via "Interaction: Artistic Practice in the Network", an
EyebeamBook, in 2001. Just makes you realise that these issues have
been kicking
around [and around again] on these types of online forums [+ elsewhere,
obviously] for an elongated time.

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