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HI Mez

Yes indeed, a long time already with a good deal of very engaging history, a canon of work and several paradigm shifts - i guess Paradigms take a long time to develop as Terry was ruminating on last week.  But is there actually an end point?   I wonder if the questions this decade actually mean the same thing they were understood to mean last?   For instance in that time, much higher grade motion tracking, and or much more ubiquitous motion tracking (Kinect) have become widely available.  I and many others are using wireless bio-sensing on dancers in realtime.... etc  These may only appear to be technical developments, but in fact they also represent a movement of ideas (for instance, that we can track the body in space in realtime, or understand something about the organisation of limbs in space or to each other...) beyond the university/industry lab into the everyday practice of a wide range of artists, which in term ramps up the investigation exponentially - now much of those outcomes will be under-developed and perhaps naive, both others will be surprising, inspiring and pique the interest of all from Professors to undergraduate students to communities of hackers... at that point emergent applications come to light and the paradigm broadens and shifts.  Then, when we ask the same simple question(s), ie.
        • How have notions of Agency changed in mediated performance? 
	• How have notions of embodiment changed, expanded or transformed, in mediated performance? 

We possibly get much different answers

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> We were interesting in drawing the maturity of practice in the room to consider questions of sustainability of that practice in an evolving landscape. Thinking about interaction in performance, questioning the way in which interactive performance systems, change, iterate, subjugate, extend the body. Contemplating where the body begins/ends and the mind, system, otherness fades in….  the seam…
> Hi Garth, All.
> Talking of interactive systems that stretch and [potentially] make elastic definitions involving consciousness, autonomy, agency and otherness, I've just been reminded of one of my early unpolished AI Stories through a call-out via Christy Dena for Aussie SciFi/Robot Writers. "The (MALFI) Trials" was written in 1996 and incorporated elements from text-abbreviation-"speak" (back then it was via email list/irc conventions rather than mobile) and faux scientific journal emulation. There's a badly formatted first draft available here if you're curious: http://bit.ly/8JkwKE. The final draft (sans typos/errors but keeping elements of the original formatting) was published via "Interaction: Artistic Practice in the Network", an Eyebeam Book, in 2001. Just makes you realise that these issues have been kicking around [and around again] on these types of online forums [+ elsewhere, obviously] for an elongated time. 
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