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Hi Renate and list - thanks for the opportunity to re/connect with people
on -empyre-

Here is my blurb:

Tracey Benson is a green geek/researcher into connected communities, UX,
WCAG, Gov.2.0, sustainability, tech/art synergies, maps and FOSS. Tracey
has been active in a number of media arts communities over the years - In
2007, she co-founded the Canberra chapter of dorkbot with Alexandra
Gillespie and was also a moderator on the internationally renowned new
media list –empyre- from 2005-07. She has participated in a number of
international digital media events including: SCANZ2013, ISEA2011, THATCamp
Canberra 2010, ISEA2008; AOIR 2006; ISEA2004; Siggraph 2001; N5M4,
Amsterdam 2003; N5M3; MAAP’99 and MAAP2000.

In 2001 she received a Research MA from Queensland University of
Technology, focusing on souvenirs, nostalgia and personal identity. In 2010
Tracey was awarded a PhD at The Australian National University, which
explores online communities and social networking tools. Recent
publications include chapters in Mobile Media Practices, Presence and
Politics <http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415821278/> and Locating
Emerging Media <http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415818858/>


For many years my creative work has focused on the connections between
landscape and identity. This has been realised through a number of umbrella
projects including Big Banana Time
2000) - a parodic investigation of the landscape, tourism and
consumerism and Fauxonomy <http://www.byte-time.net/art/faux.html> (2007 -
2013). Fauxonomy uses source material of a factual and scientific nature,
but by way of constructing a fictitious or personal narrative the
authenticity of the data is challenged.

More recent creative explorations have utilised mobile and hand held
online technologies for the creation of virtual and augmented reality
works. This has coincided with an increased focus on working
collaboratively with Indigenous groups and individuals to gain better
understanding of the landscape we enhabit and to raise awareness of the
environmental crisis humanity is facing.

For the last ten years I have also worked in a number of Australian
Government agencies, primarily in web and IT management. I am currently
working with www.livinggreener.gov.au an online sustainability program,
where I am focused on online strategy and analysis. I am currently working
in Shepparton as a Jawun <http://www.jawun.org> secondee with Yorta Yorta
Nation Aboriginal Corporation <http://www.yynac.com.au>
*Forthcoming: Finding Balance: Mura Gadi, Belconnen Art Centre, August
2013. You can support the project by making a donation to

geokult.com/ <http://geokult.wordpress.com/>
*facebook pages:*
https://www.facebook.com/mediakult *


On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 2:51 AM, Lichty, Patrick <plichty at colum.edu> wrote:

> ----------empyre- soft-skinned space----------------------
> Patrick Lichty is a digital intermedia designer, artist, writer, and
> independent curator of over 15 years whose work comments upon the impact of
> technology on society and how it shapes the perception of the world around
> us. He works in diverse technological media, including printmaking,
> kinetics, video, generative music, and neon. Venues in which Lichty has
> been involved with solo and collaborative works include the Whitney and
> Venice Bienniales as well as the International Symposium on the Electronic
> Arts (ISEA). He is Editor-in-Chief of Intelligent Agent, an electronic
> arts/culture journal based in New York City.  He is an Alpert/Cal Arts
> fellow, and author of Variant Analyses: Interrogations of New Media Art &
> Culture.  He is on many editorial boards of new Media journals and for,
> including Empyre.
> Artist Statement:
> I am a critical media artist, writer, and independent curator who seeks to
> provoke dialogue that questions suffering, discrimination, and
> institutional power through reflections on love, history, social justice,
>  institutional forms (industrial video) and embodiment many forms,
> including sculpture in Virtual Reality, Virtual Worlds, Augmented Reality,
> Physical Computing, and Fabrication.  I believe that humor and/or critical
> thinking is essential in my work. This comes from my Dada/FLUXUS lineage
> that shows through my animation work with The Yes Men and RTMark that is
> informed by texts like "Der Blutige Ernst" (This is Bloody Serious), a Dada
> Journal.  My goal is to question suffering, oppression and injustice
> through parody and satire.
> http://www.voyd.com
> pl at voyd.com
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