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I slept in a box in the back of the Singer Gazelle station-wagon, 
between Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington, later Dunedin, New Zealand, 
grew up in theatre, usually under the rostra, wrote, was educated in 
languages, French, German, Russian, short times in Germany, France, 
wrote a thesis on dandyism and Dorian Gray, wrote lyrics for a band, 
Colony, performed spoken word, Repeater, started a theatre company, 
Stronghold, directed, designed, dramaturged, waged theatre against 
theatre being unwaged, wrote, managed a café , Café Brazil, directed 
music videos, about one a year, and finding no publisher, sometimes no 
stage, often no screen and never any money for what I wrote, I made 
squarewhiteworld.com, closed a café, Stronghold ended, I founded a 
start-up, the idea burns brightly but funding fizzled - company- under 
the aegis of Little Elephant Ltd., wrote, nursed my parents, now turn, 
turning again, towards

renewed academic engagement with theatre. In the broadest of senses, 
from its atomisation in the performance of identity, the public private 
drama, to the amnesiac break, the interval that has seemed to separate 
theatre from itself as an art form, the curtain closing, opening ever 
after on the blank whiteness of a screen.

I have questions about this, no solutions, since it seems itself 
solvent, whatever one's own solvency or anxiety, and want to engage in 
the exchange that possibly remains a solitary political recourse.

I am looking for support from the institution to do this work while 
there is still an institution able.

a little more linked here: http://about.me/squarewhteworld
and about company here: https://gust.com/c/littleelephantltd

Simon Taylor
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