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I'm a drama therapist, based in New York City, but currently travelling the
world. As a drama therapist, I play with my clients, typically in a group,
although in individual sessions too. My clients and I improvise movements,
sounds, pretend objects, and roles in theatrical scenes together.

In addition to using it as therapy, I've taken this kind of group play to
the streets, in a form called Urban Play. Groups of friends and I play with
people in public places such as city parks and outdoor art festivals (link
below). We played every week at Occupy Wall Street at the end of 2011 (link

As a drama therapist, my main interest has been working (playing) with
people who harm others, since the kind of play I do with my clients tends
to decrease their harmful behavior outside of session.  In my experience,
people who harm other people were always first harmed themselves. I've
worked with children who were sexually abused and then became sexually
aggressive with other children (link below), and with combat veterans of
the Vietnam War who continued to be violent in the U.S. after returning
from military service (link below). Unfortunately, given the profitability
of keeping us all afraid as a justification for taking away our freedom, it
is very difficult to arrange to do this work, although I would go anywhere
on earth for an opportunity to do it. Please contact me if you have any

Since the beginning of 2012, I've been mainly in Asia, teaching people
about drama therapy and training them to lead sessions. I'm currently in
Seoul, South Korea, where I've taught students who want to become drama
therapists in two universities and in training programs sponsored by an
independent drama therapy association. I'm wondering where in the world to
go next. I have a PhD in clinical psychology, MA in counseling psychology,
as well as a BA & MA in literature, plus a certificate in Teaching English
as a Foreign Language. If you know of a teaching opportunity in your
country, please contact me.

I've just returned from a Deleuze conference in Taipei, Taiwan, where Tim
gave two very exciting presentations, and I presented a paper called, "Does
Deleuze's Play Render Stupidity Harmless?"


Fred Landers, PhD, RDT-BCT, LCAT
fredlanders73 at gmail.com

Urban Play:

Urban Play at Occupy Wall Street:

Drama Therapy to prevent harmful behavior (sexually aggressive children)

Drama therapy to prevent harmful behavior (combat veterans with PTSD)
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