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What a nice opportunity to get to know more about the participants of the
list, especially the lurkers (category to which I normally, proudly
belong). =)

My name is Gabriel and I have moderated a couple debates on empyre before,
on topics like the denied distances of the cinematographic circuit, gaming
subcultures and in/compatible research (with Magnus Lawrie). I was planning
to do another on super-human agency, but teaching overwhelmed me completely!

I have a PhD in Media and Communications (Goldsmiths, University of London)
and another in Communication and Semiotics (Catholic University of São
Paulo). Interests/ fields of activity include "cinema" and grassroots
media. I often mingle research and practice, and thus ended up organising
pirate screenings, remix film festivals, videogame championships, porn
screenplay workshops, installations with film projectors, generative art
exhibitions, academic seminars, and collective 3d-printed model-making
sessions, among other things. Some of these works and research results have
been presented in events such as ISEA, Rencontres Internationales
Paris/Berlin/Madrid, Makeart, Interactivos?!, the São Paulo Biennial and

Last year I published a regular "academic" book, Através da Sala Escura (br
portuguese only, easy to find in PDF), which investigates the history of
movie theatres under the light of contemporary art practices and VJing.
Currently, I’m back in my home town, lecturing at the local Federal
University of Espírito Santo (UFES).

At this very moment, I'm in London helping organizing the Media Archaeology
/ Technological Debris conference+workshop that happens in Goldsmiths next
week [http://technologicaldebris.info]. If you are around, be invited to
come! =)

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