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I am sorry if this results in a double post, but I am not sure if my former
message made it to the list. I tried to check it on the website but the
current discussion is unavailable. Follow just in case:

Marcus Bastos is an artist, curator and researcher on the areas of
convergence between audiovisual, design and new media. He is PhD in
Communication and Semiotics at the Pontificial Catholic University of São
Paulo, where he works since 2003. Bastos is the author of the e-book *Recycling
Culture* (NOEMA Gallery, 2007) and one of the editors of the e-book
of the (Un)common: public and private space in times of mobility* (Sergio
Motta Institute, 2009). He edited, with Lucas Bambozzi and Rodrigo Minelli,
the book *Mediation, Technology, Public Space – A Critical Panorama of Art
in Mobile Media* (Conrad, 2010). He was curator of *Noise on Video* (Itaú
Cultural Institute, 2005) and of the exhibition *Cellular
Geographies*(Telefonica Foundation, 2010). He is curator of VIVO
Arte.Mov –
International Festival of Art in Mobile Media, since 2007. Among his most
recent projects are the multimedia opera *HO: city lights* (ProAC, 2012),
the audiovisual composition *she, lonely, thinks of that* (Circuito SESC de
Artes, 2010) and a videoessay about the *Operation´s Field*, project by
Nelson Brissac, José Resende and Heloísa Maringoni (2012). He was director
of experimental documentaries such as *Giuseppe, etc* (2011) and *Free
Radicals* (2006). He developed, with LAT-23, the webdocumentary *Visible
Cities* (2010, Rumos Itaú Cultural Expanded Languages Program) and the
mapping and QR-CODE narratives about Augusta Street *2346* (2009, São Paulo

 *_Main Curatorships*


Noise on Video, Itaú Cultural Institute (Belo Horizonte and Belém).


What a situation, huh, Debord?, at Bank of Brasil Culture Centre (São Paulo
and Rio de Janeiro).


VIVO arte.mov – International Festival Internacional of Art in Mobile Media
(that happens in Belo Horizonte with itinerancy in São Paulo, Porto Alegre,
Salvador, Goiânia e Belém).


Cellular Geographies, at Telefonica Foundation Institute (Buenos Aires and

 *_Main Works*

2002 – *Weblandscape0*, with Giselle Beiguelman and Rafael Marchetti
(nominated for the ://international/media/art/award at the ZKM, Germany).

 2004 – *mobil_izing*, with Feverish Laziness (comissioned for the
exhibition SONARAMA, at Tomie Othake Institute).

 2005 – *No Plata dot Us*, with Feverish Laziness (launched at Occupation,
in Paço das Artes, and exhibited at FILE – International Festival of
Electronic Languages).

 2006 – *Shapeless Interface* (awarded at FIAT Mostra Brasil and exhibited
at CTRL+C CRTL+V, at Sesc-Pompéia).

 2006 – *Free Radicals* (exhibited in several festivals in Brasil and the
world, including VideoBrasil Electronic Arts Biennial, Cinema and Human
Rights, and Between Documentary and Experimentation, at Centre

 2008 – *absences*, with Telemusik (presented at the Mercosul Biennial, at
LIVE CINEMA Festival and several galleries and cultural institutions).

 2009 – *coexistences*, with LAT-23 (nominated for the "Autonomias del
Desarollo", at the Transitio_MX Festival, in Mexico).

 2009 – *fluxes*, with Telemusik (comissioned for the Listen, Dance
exhibition / 40th anniversary of Paço das Artes).

 2010 – *she, lonely, thinks of that* (launched at SESC Arts Circuit).

 2010 – *Visible Cities*, with LAT-23 (Rumos Itaú Cultural Expanded
Languages Program).

 2011 – *Giuseppe, etc* (launched at SESC Arts Show).

 2012 – *HO: city lights* (commissioned by ProAC for itinerancy in
Botucatu, Santos and Salto).

On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 7:02 AM, Isabelle Arvers <iarvers at gmail.com> wrote:

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>  Hi,
> I am a french media art curator<http://www.isabellearvers.com/exhibitions/>,
> critic and author, specializing in video and computer games, web animation,
> digital cinema, retrogaming, 8 bit and machinima and free culture.
> I coordinated ISEA 2000 <http://www.isea2000.com/fr/som.htm>, Paris, and
> I curated Video Cuts 2001<http://www.centrepompidou.fr/Pompidou/Manifs.nsf/2f6d2a49fa88f902c1256da5005ef33f/2ed7eef7d2328abfc1256a1f00571c68%21OpenDocument>,
> Centre Pompidou, a retrogaming/game art/gaming exhibition for the first
> edition of the Festival Villette Numerique Gaming Room Villette Numérique
> 2002<http://www.isabellearvers.com/playtime-villette-numerique-paris-2002/>,
> Paris, Tour of the Web 2003<http://www.centrepompidou.fr/Pompidou/Manifs.nsf/AllCycle/Les%20cin%C3%A9m@s%20de%20demain%202002%20-%202003?OpenDocument#seances>and the Web
> plasticians<http://www.isabellearvers.com/2005/06/web-plasticiens-machinimas-vs-demos/>,
> featuring French and international artists, at the Centre Pompidou from
> 2003 to 2005.
> In 2004, I organized a chiptunes concert with Bubblyfish<http://www.bubblyfish.com/>and
> Glomag <http://glomag.com/> and I curated the wireless art event
> Wifiledefrance<http://www.isabellearvers.com/wifiledefrance-wireless-art-event-paris-2004/>for la Region Ile de France. I was the net.art curator for the 2004 Banana
> RAM <http://www.bananaram.org/> festival, Italy. I curated the exhibit Gametime,
> Experimedia <http://www.novamedia.com.au/GameTime/>, Melbourne in October
> 2004 and la Nuit Numérique<http://www.isabellearvers.com/france-numerique-bitfilm-festival-hambourg-2004/>for the 2004 Bitfilms Festival, Hambourg, Germany, November 2004.
> I curated many shows around the relationship between art and video and
> computer games with most of the times a political dimension: No fun games
> and the gaming experience <http://www.piksel.no/piksel05/>, Bergen
> Norway, 2005; Mal au Pixel<http://www.isabellearvers.com/mal-au-pixel-festival-mains-doeuvres-saint-ouen-2006/>,
> Paris, France, 2006; Articule 3,<http://www.isabellearvers.com/articule-3-emerging-swiss-creation-2007/>emerging swiss creation, Annecy, France, 2007; Playing
> to real <http://www.isabellearvers.com/playing-to-real-meudon-2007/>,
> Meudon, France, 2007, Gamerz <http://www.festival-gamerz.com> 2008-2011,
> Aix-en-Provence, 2008 & 2009, Machinima screenings, Gameplay<http://www.itaucultural.org.br/gameplay/>& Mostravideo Brasil, 2009, Game
> Heroes <http://www.isabellearvers.com/game-heroes-marseille-2011/>,
> Marseille 2011. Since 2009, I curate the machinima exhibitions of the Gamerz
> Festival <http://www.festival-gamerz.com> held in Aix-en-Provence.
> I am also a WJs <http://www.wj-s.org> and play live with online creation
> through the multiscreen environment WJ-S created in 2006 by Anne Roquigny<http://www.roquigny.info>.
> I give performances <http://www.isabellearvers.com/performances/> about
> the relationship between art and video games, about Neen, an art movement
> created by Miltos Manetas <http://www.manetas.com> in 2000 and also about
> psychogeography, emotional mapping and visual representations.
> I give workshops <http://www.isabellearvers.com/workshops/> of Machinima,
> movies created with videogames and also workshops of WJ-S. The purpose of
> these workshops is to show that mass media can be used as a way of
> expression and as a tool for creation. I am also a trainer for Pleade<http://pleade.com/>,
> an online archive publishing application developped by AJLSM<http://ajlsm.com/>.
> PLEADE is a free software enabling anyone to publish archival finding
> aids in EAD format over a Web architecture.
> I also write essays and articles<http://www.isabellearvers.com/publications/>about digital art, game art and machinima in magazines like Amusement, MCD,
> Digitalarti. My last essay “Cheats or Glitch? Voice as a game
> modification in Machinima”<http://issuu.com/zabarvers/docs/cheats_or_glitch_machinima?mode=window&backgroundColor=%23222222>was published in Voice, Vocal Aesthetics in Digital Arts and Media, Edited
> by Norie Neumark <http://mitpress.mit.edu/authors/norie-neumark>, Ross
> Gibson <http://mitpress.mit.edu/authors/ross-gibson> and Theo van Leeuwen<http://mitpress.mit.edu/authors/theo-van-leeuwen>,
> MIT Press in 2010. In 2012, I wrote an article about online gaming
> communities <http://issuu.com/zabarvers/docs/videogames-enghiens>  for
> Arts and Digital Cultures Panorama Intrernational published by CDA
> d’Enghiens, in 2012, that purposes a way to finance free and open access to
> online content.
> I am a player, i like to play with games as i play with ideas. My
> background is in political sciences and for me games are powerfull. They
> took the place of fairy tales in the way they build young generation’s
> imaginary. That’s why in all the exhibitions I curate, i try  to promote
> alternative games or artworks which offer another point of view of the
> gaming culture.
> I also want to show what reverse engineering is inside the art world –
> with Machinima, chip tunes music and DIY – and all the possibilities
> offered by the detournement of the initial use of mass media objects. I am
> also really interested by giving more autonomy to people towards the
> technologies they use daily, through workshops.
> Thanks a lot for this initiative and just a quick word about this list, it
> is a marvellous ressource but for a french person like me, the level of
> discussion asks a perfect english to participate, which is not always easy,
> but please go on! This is great!
> Isabelle
>   --
> Isabelle Arvers
> Curator & art critichttp://www.isabellearvers.comia@isabellearvers.com
> Skype ID : zabarverswww.youtube.com/zabarvers
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