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Despite my big silence on this list here is my bio. Paraphrasing Menotti, I am also a proud participant on the lurker category – it is against my will, sorry. 

All the best from Brazil.


Lucas Bambozzi (Brazil) is a media artist producing installations, single channel videos and interactive projects. His works have been exhibited in solo and collective shows in more than 40 countries, held by organizations such as Moma in USA, ZKM, Frankfurter Kunstverein and ISEA-Ruhr in Germany, Laboral and Arco’s Expanded Box in Spain, Http Gallery in London, Havana Biennale in Cuba, ŠKUC gallery in Slovenia, WRO Media Art Biennale in Poland, Centre Georges Pompidou in France, and many venues in Brazil, including the 25th São Paulo Biennial. Participated in film and video festivals such as Sundance, Slamdance, FID Marseille, Videobrasil, It’s All True Festival, Impakt NL, Festival do Rio BR, Share Festival Italy, Emoção Art.Ficial, FILE, On_Off and many others.


Since the early nineties Lucas was in charge of many activities in Brazil related to video and new media such as the ForumBHZvideo (1991-1995) a festival on electronic art, the video/media art department at the Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo and the web exhibitions at Casa das Rosas a pioneering experience on net-art in Brazil – where he curated the internationally acclaimed exhibition Arte-Suporte-Computador (1997), commissioning the work Time Capsule by Eduardo Kac and producing one of the first competitive net-art festivals in the globe (awarding early brazilan experiments among wth pieces by Jodi and Olia Olialina).


Was a visiting artist at the CAiiA-STAR Centre (Planetary Collegium, UK), where he developed an extensive research about on-line privacy and pervasive systems, as part of his MPHIL studies, concluded in 2006 at the University of Plymouth.


His research on interactive platforms and mobile media has been merged in curatorial projects such as SonarSound (2004); Digitofagia (2004); Life Goes Mobile (2005) 2006), Motomix (2006), Lugar Dissonante (2009), Red Bull House of Art (2010) among other.


His project Mobile Crash received an Honorary Mention at Ars Electronica 2010. In 2011 Lucas had a retrospective show of his installations,net-art pieces and single-channel videos at Laboratório Arte Alameda, in Mexico City in 2011. In 2012 was acknowledged with the prestigious mid-career Sergio Motta Prize and had installations commissioned by exhibitions such as Tecnofagia (3M Digital Art) and Zero1 San Jose.


His recent works addresses issues related to immobility and contradictions on the urban context permeated by different kinds of media. He is one of the initiators and curators of Vivo arte.mov Mobile Media Festival (2006-2013) and the Labmovel project (honorary mention at Ars Electronica 2013).


www.lucasbambozzi.net - blog/current site

www.comum.com/lucas - old personal website

www.comum.com/diphusa/meta - featured net art project

www.artemov.net  - curatorial project | festival

www.labmovel.net - mobile unit

www.lucianabritogaleria.com.br - art gallery


On 10/06/2013, at 16:33, Gabriel Menotti <gabriel.menotti at gmail.com> wrote:

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> Hey!
> What a nice opportunity to get to know more about the participants of the list, especially the lurkers (category to which I normally, proudly belong). =)
> My name is Gabriel and I have moderated a couple debates on empyre before, on topics like the denied distances of the cinematographic circuit, gaming subcultures and in/compatible research (with Magnus Lawrie). I was planning to do another on super-human agency, but teaching overwhelmed me completely!
> I have a PhD in Media and Communications (Goldsmiths, University of London) and another in Communication and Semiotics (Catholic University of São Paulo). Interests/ fields of activity include "cinema" and grassroots media. I often mingle research and practice, and thus ended up organising pirate screenings, remix film festivals, videogame championships, porn screenplay workshops, installations with film projectors, generative art exhibitions, academic seminars, and collective 3d-printed model-making sessions, among other things. Some of these works and research results have been presented in events such as ISEA, Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, Makeart, Interactivos?!, the São Paulo Biennial and Transmediale.
> Last year I published a regular "academic" book, Através da Sala Escura (br portuguese only, easy to find in PDF), which investigates the history of movie theatres under the light of contemporary art practices and VJing. Currently, I’m back in my home town, lecturing at the local Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES).
> At this very moment, I'm in London helping organizing the Media Archaeology / Technological Debris conference+workshop that happens in Goldsmiths next week [http://technologicaldebris.info]. If you are around, be invited to come! =)
> Best!
> Menotti
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