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Dear List,

Bio / Dr. Hugo Heyrman, Belgian painter, filmmaker, PhD in art sciences.

In the sixties, Heyrman revealed himself as the tender but inveterate anarchist, when he introduced happenings, video and conceptual art. 

With this rebellious attitude he started to paint, and realized an oeuvre that continuously played a pioneering role.

Online since 1995, he became one of the pioneers in Net.art. He participated in 1988 at the 'First International Symposium on Electronic Art' (FISEA) in Utrecht. 

Participated in Ars Electronica, 'WWW-sites', Linz, Austria, 1996.

In the 'Fuzzy Dreamz' series (a work in progress since 1996) and the 'Body Language Sequences' he transforms his painting experiences into digital media and vice versa.

He took part in various Net.art projects, including the online exhibitions, 'Digital Studies: Being In Cyberspace, ALT-X-site' New York (1997) and 'Revelation' ISEA 2000, Paris.

With his online project ( ( motions of the mind ) ) he continues his research, theory and experiments on the telematic future of art, the senses and synesthesia.






(a tribute to his work and life, books, art, loves & friends)


Dr. Hugo Heyrman

Belgiëlei 202

B-2018 Antwerp


mailto:to at doctorhugo.org
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