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Sun Jun 23 16:23:29 EST 2013

howdy [-empyre-] folks! 

I've been enjoying perusing the bio-posts this month...
It's wonderful to be a part of an open-system so full of talent, insight, and passion... 

In addition to being a longtime lurker, I've had the pleasure of participating in conversations about/around a few collaborative projects I have been involved with/co-initiated: criticalartware ("More than 'Push Play': the Playful Cybernetics of criticalartware" MAY 2004) && GLI.TC/H ("Glitched, Cracked, and Dirty Media" DEC 2011). 

I thought I'd join-in && throw my TXT thru the tubes... Here it goes:

Jon Satrom is a constructive deconstructivist, a creative problematizer, a collaborative agitator and a systems spelunker. His realtime A/V performances, experimental video, net.art and artware have been consumed within various space-times across multiple planes. Satrom co-instigated the r4wb1t5! microFestival framework (2005-2007) and the GLI.TC/H conference/festival/gathering (2010, 2111, 2112). He often collaborates with talented dirty-new-media comrades (I♥PRESETS, PoxParty, xtalFSCK). He has taught and developed courses in the new-media path of the Department of Film Video New Media Animation at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2006-2012) and currently directs the Chicago-based boutique digital studio: studiothread. Sharing, bringing folks together, creative problem creating and playfully investigating structures though failure, kludges and glitches fuel his endeavors. 

Some recent works that folks may find clickable:

Plugin Beachball Success
"Prepared Desktop" realtime a/v desktop performance
	Performance opening transmediale [2012] in Berlin DE, in cahoots with Kristoffer Gansing

	A video (w/ downloadable assets) created for Filtering Failure at Planet Art [2011] in Amsterdam NL, curated by Rosa Menkman

Satromizer OS (sOS 4) 
The World's First Easter Egg Operating System!
	Developed for Funware [2010] at MU in Eindhoven NL, curated by Olga Goriunova

GLI.TC/H was a simple idea that was hatched upon the notion of folks gathering together and engaging/chatting/debating the issues/theories/concerns of failure, systems, art, && glitches. All events are free & open to the public and have ended up exposing an extremely diverse, amazingly deep, and somewhat quirky community.

A few clips of my meat-suit yapping about recent work:
SAIC Profile: https://vimeo.com/49114211
Creative Problem Creating: Jon Satrom at TEDxDePaulU: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFwNtXpuMq4
PoxParty Sneak Peak: Inter FacePainter, Satromizer Online (SOL), and Sneez! at Notacon10: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzaqgLnHAb8

I look forward to seeing more bio-posts roll in and future [-empyre-] topics and endeavors. 
All the best to ever01!

in cahoots,
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