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gh hovagimyan ghh at thing.net
Fri Jun 28 10:33:15 EST 2013

Hi Empyrians --

Tim and Renate have asked what projects we are working on so here goes-

I've been working with the Kinect Camera for the past couple of years.
I have 3 kinect projects I'm working on.  I am developing a post  
browser interface
that uses 3D space and infrared 3d space as a physical/virtual  
interface.  I believe that
the printing/browser interface is 20 years old and really irrelevant  
to  our data environment.
I share some of and I am inspired by data visualization aesthetics  
but I find it rather impersonal.
I think one of the tasks of artist in the 21st century is to humanize  
and physicalize data interface and retrieval.
I am working on a collaboration with Rhys Chatham (well known  
minimalist musician) and Raphaele Shirley (light artist/sculptor)
in a three person collaboration.  I am using my 3D virtual body to  
control Raphaele's light sculpture's.
In this case I am moving in response to Rhys's music and "performing"  
her light sculptures.
And I am working on 3 projects for Santiago, Chile. One is to rebuild  
a Gordon Matta-Clark work in the museum there.
Another is to be shown at the New Media Bienalle in Chile. I will be  
doing 3D Karaoke in Spanish.
And finally I am developing a new media workshop at the art school of  
Santiago for the Spring of next year.
My bio is here -- http://nujus.net/~nujus/gh_04/bio.html
On Jun 27, 2013, at 2:51 PM, Renate Ferro wrote:

> LEASE let us know what you are working on now.  What are your  
> interests?

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