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message i received when trying to acces the INFINITY ENGINE website. proud
of being interested in content that may harm my computer, this is all art
should be![image: Inline image 1]

On Sat, Jun 29, 2013 at 10:06 AM, Lynn Hershman <lynn2 at well.com> wrote:

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> New Project:INFINITY ENGINE will be film project consists of an
> interconnected and intertwined landscape of feature film, installation,
> performance, social sculpture, social media, science, documentary and
> fiction.
> The INFINITY ENGINE is the installation chapter of the multiplatform
> INFINITY ENGINE film project. Both will  enact narratives of a not too
> distant future in which organs can be manufactured and banked, lost limbs
> can be regenerated from the inside out, skin can be printed on an ink jet
> printer, and human life can extend to 130 years . . . all of which expose
> complex physical, psychological and philosophical possibilities for human
> evolution and our newly programmable DNA.
> Lynn Hershman Leeson an artist, educator and film maker.
> She is a recipient of the 2010-2011 d.velop digital art Lifetime
> Achievement Award, the most prestigious award in the field of digital arts,
> as well as a  2009 Siggraph Lifetime Achievement Award and a  2009 John
> Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship.
> Her four feature films- Strange Culture, Teknolust, Conceiving Ada and
> !Women Art Revolution – A Secret History are all in distribution and
> screened at the Sundance Film Festival. Toronto Film Festival and The
> Berlin International Film Festival, among others  Work by Lynn Hershman
> Leeson is featured in the public collections of the Museum of Modern Art
> NewYork, the William Lehmbruck Museum, the ZKM (Zentrum fur Kunst und
> Medientechnologie), the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Tate Modern,
> The National Gallery of Canada, the Walker Art Center and the University
> Art Museum, Berkeley, in addition to the celebrated private collections.
> Recently honored with grants from Creative Capital and the National
> Endowment for the Arts, Nathan Cummings Foundation and she is also the
> recipient of a Siemens International Media Arts Award, the Flintridge
> Foundation Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Visual Arts, Prix Ars
> Electronica, and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Prize for Writing and
> Directing.  A catalogue and retrospective is being planned at the ZKM
> Museum Karlsruhe and MdM Museum Salzburg in 2014.
> Hershman Leeson is Professor Emeritus at the University of California,
> Davis , was an A.D. White Professor at Large at Cornell University, former
> Chair of the Film Department at the San Francisco Art Institute and will be
> Distinguished Director in 2013-14, at the New School for Social Engagement,
> New York.
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> dear all,
> greetings from another lurker ...since 2007!
> I think I posted a couple of times, but usually i am shy when it comes to
> sharing things publicly.  seeing a lot of familiar names coming out of
> their "lurk-ness" is encouraging.
> My name is Roberta Buiani, I am a researcher, activist and media artist
> based in Toronto. I am the co-founder of the ArtSci Salon at theFields
> Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences (University of Toronto) and
> act as program advisor and, sometimes, curator, for the Subtle Technologies
> Festival.
> My work balances theoretical and applied research at the intersection of
> science, technology and creative resistance. My recent itinerant community
> project The Sandbox Project, challenges concepts of sustainability in
> face-to-face and online collaborations in network and social media
> configurations. You can read my work in Fibreculture, Invisible Culture,
> Cultural Studies and Digicult.
> I am fascinated by anything small and/or invisible. I am fascinated by
> viruses as biological, informational, and cultural agents. waiting to hear
> when/if my book on this topic will be published.   I also love insects. I
> have started a new project on entomology, synthetic biology and
> sustainability. let's see where this takes me. In the meantime, I am
> increasingly enjoying the practice of insect rearing, an activity I
> initiated to verify (actually to disprove) some very hyped claims regarding
> the sustainability of entomophagy (see the cicada craze in NJ). But this
> practice has turned out to evoke much more complex issues: issues of care
> and affect, eugenics, my anthropocentric biases etc...
> you can find my projects here:
> http://atomarborea.net
> and my ento-blog here:
> http://atomarborea.tumblr.com/
> best to all!
> roberta
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