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Hello friends!

Still reading regularly from a distance here, if more separated from empyre by the shifting demands of life and work.

Here at the University of Illinois, still plugging away at several long-term collaborative projects:

- A history of the role of film in America's rise to nuclear power (online interactive archive and written work in progress) http://complexfields.org/ongoing-projects/nuclear-film
- A new research lab aimed at understanding how people perceive, consume, resist and influence their shared infrastructures. http://infra-center.illinois.edu/
- A new graduate study and research lab aimed at interrogating "the system" as a metaphor for understanding both the subjects and process of academic labor around new technologies http://seeingsystems.illinois.edu/
- Starting this Fall I'll also be working for our Humanities Center to coordinate discussions and workshops about the future of scholarly authorship and publishing.

More at complexfields.org<http://www.complexfields.org>.

Thanks for all the hard work here everyone! I look forward to returning more in earnest soon. A longer bio follows.

- Kevin Hamilton
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Kevin Hamilton is an artist and researcher with the University of Illinois, where he has served in the New Media and Painting Programs since 2002. He also holds appointments in the Department of Media and Cinema Studies, and the Center for Arms Control, Disarmament and International Security. At Illinois Kevin serves as a Co-Director of the Center for People and Infrastructures in the Coordinated Science Lab, and leads Learning to See Systems, a new interdisciplinary research and training effort funded through the Graduate College. Beginning in the Fall he will also begin a new appointment as a Dean’s Fellow in the College of Fine and Applied Arts.

Kevin’s research-based artistic work spans the domains of Public Art, New Media, and the Digital Humanities. Long-term collaborative projects include historical and theoretical work on the history of interface representations in mediated violence, with a special emphasis on government-produced films related to nuclear weapons development. This research also includes the creation of experimental interactive works for accessing deep multimedia archives.

As an educator, Kevin is focused on integration of practice-based and theoretical approaches to learning about technological mediation. This work has included the development of several interdisciplinary project-based courses and workshops for students from the sciences, arts and humanities, with emphases on prototyping, reflection, and methodologies of collaboration.

Recent artistic work has included a commissioned public project on the history of cybernetics for the State of Illinois at the Institute for Genomic Biology, a performance at Links Hall Chicago on racial and religious histories of the Colorado Rockies, a comic book on local race histories for the City of Urbana, Illinois, and a collaborative video about telephone communication for the ASPECT DVD series.

Recognition for his work has included grants from the National Science Foundation and National Endowment for the Humanities, presentation at conferences across Europe and North America (ISEA/ DEAF/CAA/NCA/ACM-SIGCHI), publication in edited journals and anthologies (Routledge/CCCS/Palm Press/UCLA), and invited residencies (Banff/USC-IML/Bratislava). He holds a Master of Science in Visual Studies degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design.

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Thanks so much for posting, Roberta.  We're delighted to hear from so many lurkers whose posting have verified the extent of the reach and presence of -empyre-.  We'd love to hear from even more lurkers!  Best wishes for the summer.


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dear all,
greetings from another lurker ...since 2007!
I think I posted a couple of times, but usually i am shy when it comes to sharing things publicly.  seeing a lot of familiar names coming out of their "lurk-ness" is encouraging.

My name is Roberta Buiani, I am a researcher, activist and media artist based in Toronto. I am the co-founder of the ArtSci Salon at theFields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences (University of Toronto) and act as program advisor and, sometimes, curator, for the Subtle Technologies Festival.
My work balances theoretical and applied research at the intersection of science, technology and creative resistance. My recent itinerant community project The Sandbox Project, challenges concepts of sustainability in face-to-face and online collaborations in network and social media configurations. You can read my work in Fibreculture, Invisible Culture, Cultural Studies and Digicult.
I am fascinated by anything small and/or invisible. I am fascinated by viruses as biological, informational, and cultural agents. waiting to hear when/if my book on this topic will be published.   I also love insects. I have started a new project on entomology, synthetic biology and sustainability. let's see where this takes me. In the meantime, I am increasingly enjoying the practice of insect rearing, an activity I initiated to verify (actually to disprove) some very hyped claims regarding the sustainability of entomophagy (see the cicada craze in NJ). But this practice has turned out to evoke much more complex issues: issues of care and affect, eugenics, my anthropocentric biases etc...

you can find my projects here:

and my ento-blog here:

best to all!


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